Introduction of Chinese Journal of Agricultural Resources and Reginal Planning


Chinese Journal of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning was founded in 1980, by Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning of CAAS, National Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning Office, Society of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning of China. Mainly introduces the Policies of Agricultural resources development and protection, agricultural regional Planning, Agricultural development planning, agricultural regional development. Mainly introduces the new progress, results and the application of new technology, new method of agricultural resources investigation, Agricultural Planning, Regional Planning, and Sustainable Development et al.  This Journal mainly is for the cadres, scientists, universities and students, and the majority of rural cadres who are engaged in the Survey of agricultural resources and regional Planning, agricultural development plan.

The columns includes: Research review, hot issues, work study, problem discussion, resources utilization, Resources& Regional Planning, Technology & Method, Sustainable Aagriculture,Dynamic monitoring,et al.

Our Journal was collected  by Domestic authoritative search system and database,includes:"Chinese Science Citation Database" (core Journal),"Chinese core periodical ","China Science and technology core periodical","Wanfang database"," China Journal Full-text Database""Chinese Agricultural Core Journals" et al. And won the second prize in the third national outstanding Agricultural periodicals.

The Impact Factor (IF) is 0.789 in the Chinese S&T Journal citation reports(2015),which ranked the sixth in 34 agricultural comprehensive periodicals.